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Check here for the Hub Plot Walkthrough on the Egosoft forums.

If you gain either the correct trade or race rank while inside Boron territory, leave it and return to gain the quest. Moving around from sector to sector doesn't appear to spawn the quest unless it means leaving Boron sectors entirely before entering again. My version was 3.2 when I encountered this.

This plot is regarded by most players as the most time consuming. The majority of this plot will require you to gather TONS of resources, by any means necessary. These resource amounts have changed over the times and updates, as of version 3.0, these values are accurate.

Once you have met the requirements and you have arrived in a Boron sector, you should get a communication from a local Boron, named Mahi Ma. He will be flying a Boron Enhanced Dolphin. Com Mahi Ma up, and he will ask you to help look for his friends, specifically a Boron named Bala Gi, and a Terran Companion named Julian Brennan. Accepting this mission will direct you to Xenon Core 023. Personally I prefer to begin this trek, in a rather fast ship such as a Springblossom, or a Spitfyre it would also be wise to make sure whatever ship you use to have it outfitted with Cargo Life Support System and a Jumpdrive with enough Energy Cells to jump two or three sectors away. The trek begins either in Grand Exchange or Zyarth's Dominion. Each of these sectors has a gate to Xenon Sector 598, once there you will head to the East gate to Xenon Sector 627, again heading for the East gate, you will arrive at a Dyson sphere like sector collectively known as Unknown Sector (The Hub). Relatively in the very middle of the hub you should see some ship debris, and upon closer inspection you manage to download whats left of the logs within the ship.

You mission director should update you to go see Mahi Ma, to bring him up to speed on the situation. Upon meeting him again he expresses GREAT interest in this "HUB" you describe to him. So much so that he will literally eject out of his Dolphin if he is still in it by the time you meet him again. Of course if you like you can simply claim the ship for yourself at this point, as a discovery like this is worth more to a Boron than any ship in the galaxy. Scoop up Mahi Ma in his space suit (requires Cargo Life Support, not included, on your ship) and head back to the Xenon Hub. Preferably using a jump drive to avoid the risk of angry robot Xenon fury. Once you arrive at the HUB Mahi Ma will make several comments, clearly making him out to be one of the nerdiest Boron in existence, and proceed to hack the Xenon Hub, all the while getting so excited that he decides that it would be best if it belonged to you from now on, so long as you dock and let him peek around.

Once you dock Mahi Ma will decide to take up residence at you new HUB and make some astounding observations, such as, The Hub while fantastic in design, has been in disuse for a VERY long time. How ever Mahi Ma, as generous as he is, would take great pleasure in repairing this hub for you, there is a catch however... since he practically gave everything he's ever owned to you, he has neither the credits nor the resources to even begin the repairs required. The power generator is toast, the main interface computer is in shambles, and the power couplings to the other gates are so rotted, they need to be rebuilt from scratch practically... The good news is, if you were able to get this far, chances are you should be able to figure out a way to get these resources to Mahi Ma and bring the Hub Back to a fully functional state.

Rebuilding the Hub v3.2[edit]

The Hub gate system is repaired in three stages, each requiring a large amount of wares to be delivered. If you theoretically bought all of these wares at their average prices, it would cost 1.7446272 billion credits.

Gate Pair 1[edit]

Total cost at average prices: 7.2772 million credits

These first few materials will repair the main interface computer and allow you to realign the gates you came from away from the Xenon Sectors and to a place of your choosing. Choose carefully, as you will not be able to realign them again until you get the materials to repair the Generator.


Total cost at average prices: 81 million credits

This next stage allows you to realign repaired gates 'at will,' at the cost of 10,000 energy cells and a two-hour cooldown.

Gate Pair 2[edit]

Total cost at average prices: 429.05 million credits

After this ordeal, you should have a second pair of gates functioning as well as the ability to realign the first pair and second pair after a short wait. However the final gates will not function until the power couplings are rebuilt, and this is beyond his capabilities. Fortunately, Mahi Ma knows of a Paranid who is rather skilled at these sort of things and, with the right price, he would be willing to work with an unholy heathen such as yourself.

Gate Pair 3[edit]

Total cost at average prices: 1.2273 billion credits

Once that is done and over with, you will now have a fully working Hub at your disposal. What you do with it is completely up to you, though Mahi Ma warns, in his own words, "With great power, comes great responsibility...": with three pairs of gates there really is nothing stopping you from joining 4 Xenon sectors and bringing them to the front door of some unfortunate homeworld...