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Link to the Terran Plot Walkthrough on the Egosoft forums

Summary of Missions[edit]

  1. Speak to Lt. Samuel Plinter in his M3 Fighter.
  2. Follow the patrol around until a distress from Neptune Arrives.
  3. Destroy the Jump beacon.
  4. Kill the remaining Xenon.
  5. Head to Oort Cloud
  6. Patrol Pluto
  7. Patrol Neptune
  8. Patrol Uranus
  9. Dock at Saturn Research Station
  10. Dock at Mars
  11. Dock at Asteroid Belt Orbital patrol base
  12. Speak to Jackson in Herron's Nebula
  13. Follow Pirate Nova
  14. Patrol Omicron Lyrae
  15. Escort Scabbard to Venus
  16. Rescue Captain Pearle
  17. Spy on the Split
  18. Capture your Vidar
  19. Jump to Aldrin.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Fly into Omicron Lyrae for the first time, and you will be automatically contacted and asked if you want to help escort some Terran dignitaries. If you wish to help, talk to the person in the Equipment Dock in Omicron Lyrae.

After talking to the contact in the equipment dock, fly to the Eclipse that's marked. Its pilot will greet you and after a few moments a Terran Scabbard shows up. Escort the Terran Scabbard, this may or may not be a easter egg but the pilot of the scabbard is none other than Erin Iovis, the default name for the Terran defender game start. your destination is the Terran Orbital Defence Station in Heretic's End.

on your way two pirates attack your group in Circle of Labour. It seems to be a random spawn, but I got two M5s each time. Your wingmen will take care of them.

once you get to Heretic's End, Several Xenon will spawn. They shouldn't be any problem.

Once the Scabbard docks at the station, comm Erin Lovis and tell her you'd love to work for the Terrans. Since i played the Terran /defender /start i find this a little creepy...


Join Lt. Samuel Plinter for a patrol in Uranus. If you start as a Terran, you'll already be here, otherwise you need to fly there. Go N from Heretic's End, N through Asteroid Belt, N through Jupiter, then W through Saturn. In Uranus, fly to Plinter's ship and Comm him. After he's done talking, follow him around for a bit.

An emergency broadcast comes in saying that the Sol system is under attack by Xenon. Kill the Xenon that pop up in Uranus. Find the Xenon Jump beacon and scan it by flying close. (less than 100 meters) It should pop up a counter that goes to 100%, which should only take a few seconds. After that, destroy it. Once you're done mopping up, a message comes in stating that several Xenon message probes are moving towards the system's outer sectors. Plinter orders you to fly to the Oort Cloud and intercept it.

Once in the Oort Cloud, wait for the probe to arrive. A cutscene will play when it arrives. although you can force this mission to progress faster by flying south a little bit, watch your sector map for a Argon Nova, That's the guy you are looking for and he will bug out when you get too close. Don't worry you will see him again..

NOTE : It probably helps to have a Triplex Scanner here, so go and buy one if you don't.

Watch the Nova blow up the beacon before jumping out, then fly back to the Orbital Accelerator to Pluto. Plinter will join you again. Fly to Pluto.

Patrol Pluto against Xenon intrusion. usually only one or two M5s, they like to hide out of scanner range is huge Terran sectors. Once you're done, fly to Neptune.

Patrol Neptune against Xenon. Same as above: Fly to Uranus.

Patrol Uranus against Xenon. Again same: Fly to Saturn.

Dock with the Saturn Research Station to complete the mission.


You are ordered to dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt. Maj. General Ishiyama, he orders you to fly to the shipyard in Mars to get an M5. Once you've docked there, they tell you to go back. Sell the M5 (or keep it, whatever) and go back where you came from. This time you get some actual orders. Go talk to Cmdr. Mark Jackson in Heretic's End.

Jackson talks a lot, then tells you to wait for a bit. Just hang tight, he'll start talking again soon enough. The Xenon are attacking Scale Plate Green. Your orders are to FOLLOW the non-Xenon ship, but NOT to attack it.

Fly or jump to Scale Plate Green. Notice the same Argon Nova. A cutscene plays, and it will start to move north. Either follow it straightaway, or take out the Xenon L in this sector. They are completely inert (won't attack), and seem to have a morale that's set to zero, so you can easily cap a few and sell them for good money. Keep an eye on the Nova though. (if it does escape you, the mission will restart, but still). Follow the Nova to PTNI HQ.

In PTNI HQ, follow the Nova East into the Unknown Sector.

In the Unknown Sector, watch the Nova dock with the Pirate Base. You are ordered to scan it. To do so, you must fly within 500 METERS of the Pirate Base. If you're close enough, a counter will start at the bottom of the screen. If it doesn't, you must not be close enough. Get a little closer.

If you're having trouble with the "get closer" bit, suspend complete trust in your instruments (gasp!) for just a moment. There is a sweet spot on the side of the station that is close enough, with a half dozen bits of round, L-shaped bits of ductwork. If you get the M5, M4, M3 Pirates and Xenon on you, just run away. Run 'till they are spread out, and take them on one at a time.


Fly to the Sabre in Heretic's End, and talk to the pilot. They tell you you have been given three M5s to use as a Wing. Your first job is to assign the three to a Wing. (hit each ship's command console and use the "Assign to Wing" option.) The pilot says the choice of whether to make a wing is up to you.

It's up to you whether to take the ships along or not. If you sell them, you'll get 250K or so for them, However if you sell their (3) weapons you get 220k per weapon, then an additional 100k or so in total for the ships! If you take them, they'll just get destroyed, but they might distract some Xenon for awhile. Up to you. Fly to Circle of Labour.

Patrol Circle of Labour and destroy all Xenon incursions. There are two waves. Once you're done, fly to Omicron Lyrae.

Patrol Omicron Lyrae. Same as above. Fly to Treasure Chest.

In Treasure Chest, you'll see some new enemy ships of designation #deca.fade. Though there are more Xenon in this sector, all you have to do is destroy the decas, which is really easy, since they don't seem to do much. After you're done wiping them out, talk to Mark Jackson in Heretic's End.


Fly to Lt. Samuel Plinter and talk to him. You have to escort a Scabbard to Venus. Plinter tells you you'll be safe all the way. That should make you worry. Fly to Asteroid Belt, then to Mars.

in Mars, reports will come in of a Xenon ship that's broken through the lines (surprise!) Now you have to decide what to do. Your mission is to protect the Scabbard, but it can make it to Venus on its own. You could also turn around and help out with the invading Xenon. Be careful here Brains over Brawn sometimes pays off...

There will be another jump beacon that's allowing Xenon reinforcements to jump in. Be careful not to engage the J, unless you're good at taking down capitals. A Terran Osaka is on its way to deal with the J but you may be swiss cheese before it gets there.

Odds are the Scabbard has already landed by the time you're done, if you chose to stay and fight. Fly to Venus, and talk to Benthami in the Orbital Defense Station. Wait for your next orders.


Talk to Mark Jackson in Heretic's End. He tells you to go to the Free Argon Trading Station in Nathan's Voyage. Fly or jump there.

- As you close to the station, some rude woman tells you to follow her. Follow her and talk to her, and she'll jammer on for awhile about her captured partner. Then she tells you to follow her to an acquaintance who could help. Sadly, this acquaintance is 4 sectors away and her ship goes a magnificent 76m/s. So you can either follow her, and sit there for 30 minutes watching yourself crawl across the sectors, or you can just go and jump to Grand Exchange and be done with it. Up to you. In any case, fly to Dream Farm Alpha and fly close. A cutscene will play, and more interminable yammering ensues. Once it's (finally) done, fly to Tears of Greed.

Kill the smuggler in Tears of Greed. His escorts will attack you, and for that foolishness they should die also. Heywood tells you that you need to scan more ships to find the other smugglers, and that she will highlight them on your scanner. Now, this confuses a lot of people, because she DOESN'T actually "highlight" them. Instead, the ships show up in a separate part of your sector screen.

If you don't see them immediately, fly around a bit until they show up in your scanner. Scan each ship (you obviously need a freight scanner for this) and kill them once they turn hostile. Sometimes, however, the ships don't actually turn hostile. Kill them anyways. If the Teladi Condor has a problem with you because of it, comm the captain and tell him it was a mistake. He should go back to minding his own business.

Fly back to the Dream Farm in Grand Exchange. The contact tells you you have been authorized to ship Teladianium to the Military Base holding your target. Fortunately, there's a shipyard and 3 Teladianium foundries here in this sector. Dock with the shipyard and buy a Vulture. Now, for some reason, you can't equip a ship in this shipyard. it is helpful to have a TS on hand preferably with a jump drive.

Dock with the station, in Argon Sector 148, then wait for Heywood to dock too. This can take forever. Just wait. Alternatively, leave the station and hit SETA.

things go sour and she and her partner come flying out an airlock. you've got to pick them up. Once you've got them, fly or jump back to Heretic's End and talk to Mark Jackson.


The Terrans will contact you after awhile and order you to dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt. Dudes talk at you for awhile, then Robert Pearle will come onboard. Make SURE you have Cargobay lifesupport before you start this mission. If you don't have it, go buy it at a pirate base before you start the mission. Also, pick up 3 advanced satellites before you start, and 3 25MW shields. (trust me.)

Fly to Family Zyarth, and drop one satellite. Doesn't matter where. Fly to Family Ryk, and drop one satellite. And yes, you just CAME through this sector. Apparently planning isn't Robert Pearle's strongest point... Fly to Zyarth's Dominion, and drop one satellite. Pearle should talk to you and tell you to wait a bit.

Fly back to Family Zyarth, and scan the highlighted ships. They will be highlighted just like in mission five, although this time they are Split ships.

Claim the ship and board it.

If you're lucky, the pilot will jump at 70-80% hull. If you're unlucky, he'll jump at 2% hull. Either way, REPAIR the ship to 100%, and beam over the 3 25MW shields.

You need to find the Split Elephant in the sector. If you're lucky, it's in scanner range, and will be highlighted on your map. If you're unlucky, you need to find it, and you need to do so in the freighter, as the mission wants you to be IN this freighter.

When you find the elephant (he's usually in the SE corner of the sector), fly close (less than 600 meters) to plant a tracking bug. As soon as that's done, hightail it out of there. Now, five decafs will come after you. You can try to run but odds are you won't make it. What I always do here is just have my personal ship run interference for me. It doesn't need to kill them (in fact, it's probably better if it doesn't, see later) but just get them off your back so you can escape.
Another strategy which also works is to have your escort ship with you on follow while you approach the Elephant. Get to within 600 meters (which is the minimum distance in which it will start to plant the tracking device) and eject from your freighter. After you have ejected, move out of the 600 meter range immediately using the strafe buttons (since this makes you move considerably faster, with almost instant acceleration) and move to your fighter and jump in. Once you have moved to your fighter, tell your freighter to start moving to the destination of your choice such as the Split Shipyard in the next sector over, and move your fighter close to the Elephant instead. As long as you don't wait too long, it will still consider the freighter in range, and you can plant the device on the Elephant with your other ship by going within the 600 meters. My freighter was still more than 5km away from the Elephant, and it was still planting using my other ship (First time failed after it got over 20 km away.) The Deca.Deaf will then attack your fighter, and you can then finish them off with relative ease, with no danger to your new freighter.

Once you're out of the sector, fly to the Terran Odin in Ocean of Fantasy. When you get close to it, the General will talk for awhile, then give you a cutlass.

Fly to the unknown sector. As soon as you enter the sector, there should be a cutscene, and Split and Terran forces should be fighting.

Fight with the Split for a bit, if you want to. It's not really necessary, since the Terrans outnumber them 10 to 1, and the Split just keep respawning anyways, as long as the TL has not been captured.

Once the TL is captured, a pilot escapes from it, then ejects. Pick up the ejectee. Make sure you have cargo life support.

Transport your prisoner to The Moon. Dock at the Military Base.


You get a message to dock at the shipyard in Mars. The Terrans want you to practice your capturing skills, and give you a Scabbard with Marines, and a Vidar to capture.

It is my personal recommendation to not waste these pathetic excuses for Marines on the Vidar. If you choose to then see the Boarding for how to conduct a boarding op.

If you just sit tight, Jackson will call you names and such and tell you to board the Vidar, just ignore him, this is not Full Metal Jacket.. this is X3.. eventually the Terrans will just hand over the Vidar unscathed by the amateurs the Terrans expected you to board this lovely piece of spaceship sexiness.. if you do however decide to forcibly board the Vidar... your marines have a good chance to fail to capture an empty Vidar. So then you'd have to do it all over again, while in the meantime they punch holes in the hull of your spacecraft...

In any case, once it's yours, you need to go talk to Jackson in The Moon.

This is the ONLY Vidar in the game that you can get legitimately. Do NOT sell it. The Vidar is probably pound for pound the finest killing machine in the galaxy, as it mounts ten front guns for EMPCs, and suffers almost no energy drain. Only the Springblossom can rival it and may be better than it.

Jackson now gives you the coordinates to jump to Aldrin. Hit Shift J, then keep hitting A until Aldrin pops up. Jump there.

Once In Aldrin, fly to the designated station. Watch the Springblossom take off, then sit there and wait as the Springblossom flies to the Tyr to negotiate. When that's underway, there is a small Xenon attack. Take care of it.

After the discussion, you need to go capture the Xenon CPU ship. Simply follow the Tyr. Unless you have an M2 yourself, you're not going to do much damage to the CPU ship and its 12GJ shields, so wait for the Tyr to do all the heavy work.

Once the Xenon's shields are down, order your marines to board, like you did with the Vidar.

Alternatively, you can sit this one out as well, as the Terrans seem fit to give you 10 brand new amateurs that can hardly make a peanut butter sandwich much less handle a space rifle.

You are ordered to land at Aldran Energy Production Facility LX Epsilon to pick up some dignitaries. Take them to the Earth Torus.

When you enter Earth, fly STRAIGHT to the Torus. Do not deviate in any way, or the rather paranoid Terrans WILL blow you to smithereens.

You will receive a Claymore M8 as a reward. Due to the incompetent AI, it is possible that if ordered to fly or jump somewhere, ships will simply fly past the orbital accelerator and be destroyed by the laser towers. A solution to this problem is to order the ship to jump to Aldrin and proceed from there. Another solution is to move to another sector, and then command Claymore to move to another sector. The important thing is you should not be at Earth sector.