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Species Type Assorted
Homeworld Weaver's Tempest
Systems 3
Government Oligarchy


The ruthless Yaki pirates have taken advantage of the weakened Argon fleet to carry out raids on Argon facilities and many other sectors in the X-Universe. The Yaki pirates are becoming a real force to be reckoned with. Their activities have all the hallmarks of deliberate creation of chaos and confusion in order to undermine law and order throughout the universe. They are known for their frequent attacks on isolated traders because they are easy targets, often without fighter escorts.

Government and politics[edit]

Foreign relations and military[edit]

The Yaki are not aligned with anyone due to their stigmatizing status with other races, although they maintain stable relations with the Teladi, thanks to their neutral attitude. They are hostile to even regular Pirates, possibly due to competitive attitudes with each other.


The story of the Yaki began with one woman. Kailan Weaver was once a miner, who worked on the large Paranid mining outpost of Odysseus V, in a star system with low luminosity and no planets. The asteroids of the field had a high content of silicon, which was mined by prospectors. Despite the poor supply of Energy Cells and food, the mines of Odysseus V employed several thousand workers of various species.

However, when the Profit Guild raised the fixed price limits for food and energy, but drastically lowered Silicon's, the economic base of the miners collapsed. The necessary supply of food and medicines to the mines could no longer be maintained and there were not enough ships to evacuate the workers. Neither the government nor the Guild were able to initiate necessary countermeasures, and because of this, nearly all of the population of Odysseus V died of starvation and epidemics.

Among the few survivors was Weaver, who lost her husband to the silicon disease. When a single freighter arrived to collect silicon, Weaver and the others killed their own kind to get on that ship, fighting in the docking corridor hand to hand with whatever strength they had left. Weaver vowed as she left the station that she would right the wrong done to her that Tazura. The horrors of Odysseus V justified her hatred of the Guilds and her determination to fight against them, which eventually led to the founding of the Yaki. Kailan Weaver was no more, and she was reborn as Moo-Kye, their leader.

The best known Yaki, although no longer in good terms with them, is probably Julian Brennan Gardna, whose mother, the former Goner priestess Ninu Gardna joined the organization after divorcing from his father Kyle. Bret Serra, Julian's best friend and saviour of Omicron Lyrae, was also once a Yaki too.


Geography and Climate[edit]

Science and Technology[edit]




Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Weaver's Tempest

Border Worlds[edit]

  1. Ocracoke's Storm
  2. Senator's Badlands

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