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*Teladi [[Medium Shield Production Complex]]
*Teladi [[Medium Shield Production Complex]]
*Teladi [[Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge]]
*Teladi [[Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge]]
*Teladi [[Phased Repeater Gun Forge]]
*Teladi [[Quantum Tube Fab]]
*Teladi [[Quantum Tube Fab]]

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Ware Nostrop Oil
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)26
Ave. Price (Cr)72
Max. Price (Cr)118


Nostrop Oil or Teladian sun oil is the main Teladi food product. It is the final product from Sun oil Refineries. It is available in many different flavors when mixed with various Stott Spices. Sometimes it is even mixed with the psychotropic Swamp Plant, to produce a slight euphoric effect, as life in space and the stress of profits can be difficult for a fledgling Teladi.


Nostrop Oil is produced in sun-oil refineries from the primary resource: Sunrise Flowers. Almost all Teladi Factories will require this save for the Teladi Bliss place, Solar power plant, Teladi Mines and Teladi dream farm.

Trading information

Produced by Primary Resource at Secondary Resource at Traded at
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